Next Up…Melton Hill

Well, typically we would have Springtime weather…but I suppose we’ll have to take what we can get!  So, we can start watching the forecast for the 28th in a couple more days…start the prayer chains, good mojo, juju or whatever else y’all can think of to drum up some great fishing weather…like NO RAIN, GALE FORCE WINDS or a WHOPPING 10 DEGREES!  READY…SET…GO!

Melton Hill out of the Dam on April 28th…BE THERE!

Watts Bar – April 14, 2018

Tournament #4 for our 2018 Season is in the Books! Looking at the weather reports, I honestly had my doubts that we would even make it to weigh-in!

It started out a little chilly this morning, but a humid 78 degrees at 3:30…and of course, it wouldn’t be a “Danny Tournament” without some weather craziness…I mean like 20-25mph winds, with gusts up to 30. PLUS, the River looked more like the Ocean with 439 foot waves😩
Anywho, we made it…without incident, Thankfully!